Week of 2/21/2017

posted Aug 26, 2016, 7:07 AM by Christine Moran   [ updated Feb 21, 2017, 11:17 AM ]

Weekly Reminders...  

*School is closed on Monday this week in honor of President's Day.

*The spaghetti dinner is Tuesday night from 5-7 in Crowley Hall.  Tickets can be purchased at the door.

*1st grade has gym every Wednesday this year.  Please wear gym uniforms to school on Wednesdays.

*The children will need to be responsible for remembering if they are buying lunch or not.  If you feel as if your child will have a hard time remembering then please send me an email or a note at the beginning of each week to let me know what specific days your child is purchasing lunch.   

*Remember that all paper stories do count as a homework assignment when they come home.  The child should be reading it to someone in the house.  The adult that it was read to should be signing or initialing it on the front cover.  It gets sent back to school for credit.  At the end of each trimester it will count as an oral reading grade.

*READING PRACTICE and  MATH PRACTICE…Please see the "useful links" tab to access these 2 sites.  These are the websites that connect to our reading program and math book we use in class everyday.  They provide great things on there to practice with at home!

This Week's Spelling Words are:  book, cook, look, took, hood, wood, after, buy, done, every, soon, work
*New words starting on Friday are:  mail, chain, play, rain, way, day, about, animal, carry, eight, give, our

What are we learning this week?

*Reading~Comprehension and sight words will take place every week!

*Reading skills this week~Characters, Setting, and Plot Sequence, cause and effect, plural nouns (s), contractions ( 't ), CVCe syllables, and inflectional endings "ed" and "ing"

*Phonics~/oo/ Sound and starting on Friday is Long A:  ai/ay forms

*Math~Place Value and problem solving

*Spelling~Words with /oo/ and starting on Friday are words with Long A:  ai/ay words

*Handwriting~Letters U and u, S and s

*Religion~The Holy Spirit, and this unit's saint:  Saint Peter

February fruit of the spirit:  Goodness

*Grammar~Verbs, verb tenses (present, past, future), Contractions (not family), and helping verbs/irregular verbs:  is and are, was and were

*Writing~Step up to writing and this cycle's writing trait:  Word choice for poems

*Science~Earth's Resources

*Social Studies~Looking at our World

Reminders needed for the entire school year!

Please Remember…

`To check your child’s H folder everyday.

`To empty the blue communication folder every Wednesday (when it is sent home), sign/initial it and return it the next day.

`All homework must be completed neatly just as the class work is.

`Parents must be signing or initialing all written homework each night.

`To empty out the test folder each Friday. Send the test folder back to school on Monday-emptied.