Week of 2/8/2016

posted Aug 21, 2015, 6:04 AM by Christine Moran   [ updated Feb 5, 2016, 10:55 AM ]

Weekly Reminders...

*We will celebrate Mass on Wednesday at 8:00 this week for Ash Wednesday.  Please join us if you wish.

*All book orders are due on Thursday this week if choosing to purchase any books this month.

*All Valentine boxes/bags and valentines are due on Thursday this week for our celebration.

*School is closed this Friday for a teacher retreat day and on Monday, February 15 for President's Day.  See you on Tuesday, the 16th!

 *The children have been doing a great job remembering if they are buying lunch or not.  Notes are no longer needed unless you are more comfortable or need to tell me specific things regarding lunch/snack purchases.

*Remember that all paper stories do count as a homework assignment when they come home.  The child should be reading it to someone in the house.  The adult that it was read to should be signing or initialing it on the front cover.  It gets sent back to school for credit.  At the end of each trimester it will count as an oral reading grade.

*READING PRACTICE and  MATH PRACTICE…Please see the "useful links" tab to access these 2 sites.  These are the websites that connect to our reading program and math book we use in class everyday.  There are great things on there to practice with at home!

This Week's Spelling Words are:  hope, nose, note, rope, cube, cute, age, boy, girl, people, how and old

What are we learning this week?

*Reading~Comprehension and sight words will take place every week!

*Reading skills this week~Characters/Setting/Events/Plot Sequence, cause and effect Plural (s) words, CVCe syllables, Compare and contrast, inflectional endings ~ed and ~ing, and contractions (not family)

*Phonics~Long O:  o_e and Long U:  u_e

*Math~Place value:  groups of tens and ones, value, expanded form, estimating, greater than/less than/equal to, 1 more/1 fewer, 10 more/10 fewer, before/after/between, number order and problem solving

*Spelling~Long O:  o_e and Long U:  u_e words

*Handwriting~Letters G and g, J and j

*Religion~Baptism and February's Parable

*Grammar~Verbs, tenses:  present/past/future, and helping/irregular verbs:  is and are

*Writing~Writing trait:  poetry/rhyming and Step up to writing 


*Social Studies~Citizenship
Walt and friends

Reminders needed for the entire school year!

Please Remember…

`To check your child’s H folder everyday!

`To empty the blue communication folder every Wednesday (when it is sent home), date it, sign it and return it the next day.

`All homework must be completed neatly just as the class work is.

`Parents must be signing or initialing all written homework each night.

`To empty out the test folder each Friday. If any other tests need to be returned that week a note will be in the test folder.
Thank You